Our Mission, Our Goals, and Why We Want YOU To Join

 Our Mission Statement

Our primary mission is to bring together for social interaction and professional development Engineers, and those in engineering-related fields, in the Public-sector and in the Private-sector who are involved in programs and projects that benefit our Nation.

Our secondary mission is to promote an understanding of and appreciation for the engineering related disciplines, and to help the young people in our communities be better prepared to become our future engineers.

Our Goals

Our goals to accomplish this mission are as follows:

  • Conduct regularly scheduled meetings to allow for social interaction and presentation of technical and/or educational topics.
  • Conduct special events to help fund Post-sponsored activities such as the Youth Scholarship Program.
  • Annually award three or more scholarships and one or more education grants.
  • Establish a meaningful Youth Mentorship Program to help the youth in our society to understand and better prepare themselves for engineering-related career opportunities.

Why We Want YOU To Join Us

We want you, either as an Individual Member or as a Sustaining Member Firm/Agency, to join our Post for the following reasons:

  • Mutual benefit of broadening our depth of expertise and your exposure to a wide range of professionals in your career field.
  • We can offer you ample opportunities to interact with a wide variety of government, military, and private-sector engineers.
  • You can attend or participate in professional, technical, and educational workshops and conferences, some of which may be eligible for Professional Development Hour (PDH) credit.
  • And, you can help us to reach out and help the youth in our community to become the future engineers.

Please remember, our objectives are to promote professional and social interaction amongst a wide range of engineering-related folks, to promote the technical and educational development of our members, and to improve and increase the engineering capabilities of the nation.

To do this ... we need people like YOU!

Membership Information

Memberships are available in the following categories:

  • Corporate Sustaining Member, Public Agency Member, and Non-Profit Organization Member
  • Individual Member (for those who's age is 36 or over)
  • Young Member (under the age of 36)
  • Students (fulltime course of collegiate study)

Click the following link to join SAME: http://www.same.org/index.php/membership/join-same

For additional information about membership in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Post, please contact one of the following people:

  • Individual, Young Member, or Student Categories — at richard.h.femrite@usace.army.mil
  • Corporate Sustaining Member or Public Agency Sustaining Member Categories — at mangelo@sehinc.com

Click the following link to update your individual membership information: https://membership.same.org/MainLogin.shtml

Click the following link to update your sustaining membership information: http://www.same.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=114&Itemid=90