1.  Purpose.  The purpose of the Credentialing Achievement Awards Program, hereafter referred to as the (CAAP), is to promote the professional development of SAME Young and NCO Members in support of the SAME Strategic Plan.  The CAAP serves to fulfill the third objective of the Education and Mentoring Fund Charter which is “to provide financial support to professional development, education and mentoring initiatives that will benefit SAME members …”  This program is not intended to replace existing programs offered by Posts, employers, or other organizations but rather provide an achievement award for individuals who demonstrate meritorious public service or achievement.

2.  Credentials Supported by the CAAP:  The program will support exam sitting or registration fee award for the following credentials, licensures, or certifications which are considered to have an intrinsic value to SAME’s mission and the architectural and engineering professions.

  1. Fundamentals of Engineering Exam and Professional Engineer Exam (any discipline)
  2. Architect Registration Examination (for any division)
  3. Certified Construction Manager (Sponsored by Construction Management Association of America)
  4. Design-Build Certification (Sponsored by Design-Build Institute of America)
  5. Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (Sponsored by U.S. Green Building Council)
  6. Certified Energy Manager (Sponsored by Association of Energy Engineers)
  7. Project Management Professional (Sponsored by Project Management Institute)
  8. Certified Facility Manager (Sponsored by International Facility Management Association)
  9. Credentials offered by National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET)
  10. Others on a case by case reviewed by the Committee and approved by the SAME Director of Programs

3.  Management of the CAAP.  Following are the roles and responsibilities for implementing the program:

  1. SAME HQ, together with the Young Member Council, will educate members and posts about the program, promote its use, and maintain information on the application criteria and process on the SAME website.
  2. SAME HQ will establish a budget for the program for 2014 and subsequent years.  The FY budget will be divided in half so there are funds available for each cycle.  If the Committee has more applications than budget in the first half, the Director of Programs can make a decision to reallocate the funds, and if additional funds are needed in the second half, the Director of Programs can recommend an addition to the SAME Executive Director.
  3. The Young Member Council will organize and establish a schedule for package submissions and evaluations.
  4. The Young Member Council will nominate two members to a selection committee to rank package submissions and provide recommendations of recipients of the awards to the Director of Programs based on the applicants’ involvement in SAME.  At least one of these members must be an officer in the Young Member Council.
  5. The review committee will evaluate the information in the application and approve awards that meet all the eligibility requirements. If there are more applications than funds available, the Committee will rank order the applications based on merit using the information in the applications.  The Committee will select those which can be awarded.  Any person not awarded in the current cycle may resubmit in the next cycle.
  6. Achievement awards cannot be made for receipts with a date more than 12 months from the application due date.
  7. Applicants must be an NCO or young member.  Note there is no age limit for NCO applicants.  Young members must be less than or equal to age 39 by the application due date.
  8. Applicants must have passed the respective examination and provide required documentation with the application.
  9. No single government official or employee shall receive through this awards program more than $200 in awards, whether one time or multiple awards.
  10. No single private sector individual shall receive through this program more than $500 in awards, whether one time or multiple awards.
  11. The Director of Programs shall chair a committee with the Young Member Council Chair to annually review the program and update the process.

4.  Application Procedure.  Complete and submit the following application.

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